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Anleg is a small engineering and manufacturing company.  It was founded in 2001. The core business of Anleg is engineering and producing N2-Seal Gas Supply systems for Turbo Compressors. High Pressures Explosive environment, high security level (Atex Zones, Homologations and certification). It has also long time experience in handling H2 gases, in refineries and on oil platforms. Anleg has realized skids and compressor solutions up to 1500 bar. Anleg has designed a range of TPRd’s which has been tested from different manufacturer and passed the bon fire tests mounted on different bottle sizes. Starting with 2 L 700 bar up to Anleg is also starting to bring on the market complete tank-systems from L 350 bar to 700 bar.  

 Main tasks in COPERNIC:

  • Design of light weight High pressure Delta P valves
  • Optimization, manufacturing and testing


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