Created in 1971, RAIGI is specialized in thermosetting polymer manufacturing. SME, its turnover was 12 millions€ in 2012. Main activities are:

  • Formulation of polymers (epoxy & polyurethane) for electrical insulation,
  • LPG tanks with metallic liners and polyurethane over moulding,
  • Various Polyurethane parts (steering wheels, seats, dashboard, tables).

The Research and Development work is done by the RAIGI laboratory, including 6 doctors, engineers and technicians. Their tasks are mainly: development of innovative formulations, materials characterizations, project management and technical support for customers.


One of the main research fields of RAIGI is gas tanks. This work is supported by collaborative projects at both national and European scales (HyBou, ENDEMAT, SAGANE, H2E, HYCUBE). Until now, the research field was concentrated on materials for liners. For more than one year, a significant study has dealt with LPG tanks for mass market. They display from materials (polymeric liners, composite, metal alloy) to process in a view of a next industrialization


Main tasks in COPERNIC:

  • Dissemination
  • Material development


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