Optimum CPV (ex SSA)


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OPTIMUM CPV (Ex Seifert & Skinner & Associates) is an SME founded in 2010 by a group of engineers with more than 20 years of experience in automated composites processing, especially filament winding. SSA has offices in the US and a manufacturing and testing lab in Belgium. The turnover in 2011 was around 1 million EUR. OPTIMUM CPV currently employs 9 people, of which 6 in Belgium. OPTIMUM CPV has an overview of the current manufacturing processes and knows all main players of the industry. The hands-on experience of the engineers will allow to develop technology for the “real world”.


Main tasks in COPERNIC:

  • Optimization of the structural composite design
  • Dissemination


More information:

Web site:  http://optimumcpv.com/

Contact: Axel Seifert <axel.seifert@optimum-cpv.com>