SymbioFCell is a SME that develops industrial high power fuel cell systems, based on PEM technology, designed for boats, trucks and bus, cars, industrial vehicle and race cars. SymbioFCell offers a range of PEM-based embarked energy solutions that address density and reliability issues, and are ready for cost effective mass production. SymbioFCell develops and sells systems ranging from 5 kW to 300 kW, and used as range extender, auxiliary power units (APU) or “full power systems”.



SymbioFCell has expertise in the design of complete fuel cell systems including energy management and control command. SymbioFCell is component agnostic (e.g: stacks) and focused on high power, low form factor and a cost-reduced energy supply system. The solutions target five-nine availability over 10.000 hours. The innovation on hardware and software reference design, allow the project of SymbioFcell to have an average lead time is less than 6 months for a new prototype including interfacing and implantation, enabling vast diffusion of the technology in all kinds of applications.

SymbioFcell provide customers with a complete energetic solution, in this emerging market. SymbioFcell considers it is important to develop partnership to provide not only the fuel cell system, but also the hydrogen tanks, and integrate it into the vehicle. As a vehicle integrator, it is important to give targets for fuel cell system related components such as tanks (covered in this proposal), but also recommendations on stack testing (JTI StackTest) or on stack design and costs targets (JTI Auto-Stack Core).


Main tasks in COPERNIC:

  • Specifications.
  • Targets and perform market analysis
  • Dissemination


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