Wrocław University of Technology, WRUT (Institute of Material Science and Applied Mechanics). The Institute of Material Science and Applied Mechanics (part of WRUT, engaged in Project) is completely equipped for studies of materials and constructions under static and dynamic loads. There are facilities for measuring displacement, deformation, speed and acceleration. It disposes of facilities for investigating acoustic emission and precise temperature measurements. It has original (constructed in the Institute) appliances for measuring the magnetic field around mechanically deformed samples and constructions. It has means to carry out complete studies of microscopic structures (optical and electronic microscopes) and X-ray examination.




Fields of Interests: methods of experimental mechanics, modelling of processes in mechanics, fracture mechanics and the fatigue of materials, strength of materials, dimensional analysis and theory of similarity, structural studies, biomechanics, dynamics of mechanical systems, strength hypotheses, elasticity and plasticity theory, materials technology (nano-materials, new plastics and their technology, reinforced composite structures, changes in microstructure and material properties, sol-gel technology), technology and testing of high pressure composite vessels (CNG and H2), recycling of plastics, Structural Health Monitoring. The Institute employs 48 persons: 8 professors, 20 doctors and 20 Ph.D. students.

The Laboratory of High Pressure Vessels (part of the Institute) was involved in numerous collaborative research projects on high pressure vessel field at both National and European levels (eg.: StorHy, HyComp, InGas, HyCube).


Main tasks in the project:

•cycling tests of high-pressure composite vessels at ambient and extreme temperatures,
•burst test of vessels,
•numerical modelling of strain state of pressure vessels and composite materials
•validation of models
•development and application of sensor technologies

More information:

Contact: Jerzy.Kaleta@pwr.wroc.pl